2 Key Ideas to Prevent You From Being Restless in Everything You Do

If you are rushing, you are rushing towards death

Muhammad Fazal


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Are you one of those people who want to excel in everything? Do you worry about starting the second task sooner while you are doing the first task?

If yes, I can understand how you feel.

That restlessness to be on the top of the world but not getting done even one job near perfection.

You are producing more than others but lack of quality work.

You think you are constantly on the go as if you are alone in the race against this world for your entire life, and that race will never end.

It was difficult for me to get rid of that constant race in my head, but finally, I overcame it with the following ideas.

I hope they will help you too.

If You Are Rushing, You Are Rushing Towards Death

Ryan Holiday shared a video on his YouTube channel named “Daily Stoic” about his “Memento Mori” coin. Memento Mori means “Remember Death.” He puts this coin in his pocket to make him remember that he is mortal.

This quote by Marcus Aurelius is also written on the back of his coin: “You can leave life right now.”

By rushing in life and doing more things, we think that we can skip death. We believe if we get more done, then we will be, somehow, immortal. That’s why we rush.

But by rushing, what are you achieving? You are reaching death faster when you are rushing.

Life is to explore; it is not to devour. It is to live, not to consume. You can’t move forward from this moment, so stop the attempt right away.

So be here in this moment. You do not want to die soon. Nobody wants to. So stop rushing. Let the death come to you in its own time; you do not welcome it faster by rushing in life.

Restlessness Leads to a Chain Of Waste

Wait for a second and think, what will you do by snatching the time from your spouse, kids, the job you love to do, or your healthy hobbies? Use social media?



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