3 Realistic Ideas You Need to Implement to Quit the Job Comfortably

#2 — You must have an alternative way for survival

Muhammad Fazal


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Most people want to start their business.

Not always the reason remains the yelling of the boss. But often, people want to contribute through their unique talent or idea. They want to leave their distinctive mark in the world.

They sleep with their business ideas, eat breakfast with them, and think of it on the way to the office they do not want to go to.

It seems near to impossible to start something of your own.

You overthink that you need money, the right people, survival, or other many things. You need a pile of things, and that disappoints you enough to stay in that soul snatching job.

I know it’s hard. I have been to such a place. I am the right person to guide you on the exact tips that you will need to quit your job and do something you have always dreamed of doing.

So let’s begin.

Have Strong Belief and Show Insane Courage

Before considering all the reasons that stop you from living your dreams, peep inside your chest and see if you find some courage.

The chances are that the business idea you think is the best idea in the world and will earn you millions could leave you broke and hopeless.

It’s inevitable that out of 10 or 100, only 1 business would have the chance to run successfully, having considered all the bumpy roads and pitfalls in it.

To commit to your wildest dreams demands you to believe in something that people — including you — think that it’s not going to work.

You have to hold on to some invisible rope. That’s the name of courage and sticking to the beliefs which people find alien.

That’s the factor that makes success rare and full of awe receiving.

You Must Have an Alternative Way of Surviving

Let’s be realistic. Let’s make this advice enough to quit the job tomorrow.



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