And the more you do hard things; The easier your life will be

Things you don’t feel like doing are what you should be doing as priorities.

Having more endurance, patience, and persistence to put more work distinguishes you from the crowd.

Doing the work which most of your competitors and colleagues are unwilling to do is your unique proposition.

Under promising and…

It’s your journey where you will spend your decades, not the destination

Reaching, retiring, and full-stop doesn’t exist for a human as long as he is alive.

When have you climbed all the mountains of the world, then what remains next for you? Nothing? You’re mistaken. Build another hill and mount it.

We all are in pursuit of some full-stop.

We think…

Rocket science is a piece of cake if your mind is peaceful

Do you know what makes things challenging? Disorganization.

When things are in order in your mind, you can crack the code of anything.

You can solve the seemingly impossible equations quickly.

What others couldn’t solve in months you can solve in a few hours.

Small companies make it big when…

Muhammad Fazal

I’m a computer scientist and I write code for a living but writing replenishes my soul. I write for two reasons. To teach myself twice. To spread positivity.

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