Addictions Are the Ultimate Training Ground

They can teach you mental toughness; This Opportunity is available 24/7

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 23, 2022


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What is mental toughness? It’s just going against your negative and destructive habit patterns.

If you think you have done enough, push forward. Don’t feel like waking up in the morning; you wake up. If you are addicted to using your phone while eating a meal, go against that temptation.

Addictions are the ultimate training ground. You don’t have to look for opportunities to practice mental toughness.

Your addictions are enough to practice the discipline. Don’t look for excuses. You have got the opportunity available to practice mental toughness all the times.

Go Against Your Normal Behavior

What do you do when you wait for the train? You sit not reading a book but checking your phone and using social media. Right? Change your pattern.

It isn’t easy. But that is why most people are not successful. Pick the difficult option. Read the book or sit in the environment. Be in the present moment.

Look around and be aware of the station and where you are right now.

Just change your pattern. Fight with the normal addictive patterns you have been following for the ages. That’s a way to practice mental toughness.

It is not about overcoming the demons on the running track or while cracking the job interview. You can practice mental toughness in the small daily errands and chores.

That’s a great way to toughen your mind and prepare it to fight bigger addictions and destructive habits.

See It as A Game

Life is undoubtedly a game. You will go to the next level by overcoming as many life challenges as possible.

The way to go high is to do the current task, no matter how big or small, correctly. So what is the correct manner? It’s doing it the difficult thing anyway.

Take it as a game, as a challenge. What do you do when you lose in the game? You restart the mission. That’s what you have to do in the game of real life too.



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