After Writing 500+ Articles, Here Is What I Have Learned

Let me give you some hope but also break your misconceptions

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMay 21, 2022


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Someone told me that to reach 100 dollars on this platform; you have to write at least 200 to 300 articles.

So I wrote it. I made my first $100 when I published around 400+ articles.

But you know what, still I thought I should do more. How about I write one thousand articles and then reach $200 articles?

Two thousand for $400 and 3 thousand for $600? But then I stopped for a while and thought, is it the smart strategy?

Why shouldn’t I think of writing one article that makes me $500? So I did this.

I Stepped Back

I put my hands away from the keyboard for a few days and researched about writing the best articles.

I read the writers’ articles who made $1000 from just one article. I clearly and deeply observed their work.

After spending a few days reading top articles, I figured out that my writing is not why I am not getting the reads. It’s my stale, pale, and unattractive headlines.

So I spend a few days brainstorming. It vanished the old ideas and created space for the new ones.

Here Is What I Learned When I Came to Writing Again

I realized that my writing is better like most writers here, but they are making money just because of their ability to write better titles than me.

So I just focused on writing better titles. I concentrated on writing titles that were never written before, which should build curiosity in the readers mind.

I began practicing the titles, which compel readers to click the article.

Previously, I used to write whichever title came to my mind and begin the writing process, but now I don’t do this.

Now I spend at least half an hour to finalize the title of my article.

Guess what? I saved myself from the labor. Just by writing better titles, I began to get more reads on my articles and earn a good amount of money.



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