Always Think Long-Term to Be Highly Successful

See the impact of the seemingly insignificant good or bad habits in the coming 3 to 5 years

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readFeb 23, 2022


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Do you know why it’s hard to give up readily available pleasures?

It’s difficult because we lack the long-term vision and consequences of the activities we perform.

People who are highly successful in their lives are always long-term thinkers.

Thinking big is nothing but being able to see the entire picture.

It’s like seeing a road map till the end.

People who do not go through the entire picture of things and see the results in their minds before starting are destined to face unwanted and difficult situations.

Calculate before in mind before getting your hands dirty in doing the work.

Slightly Wrong Means Clear No

You want to buy fast food, but you think, hey, I guess I should save money; guess what? Say no.

You do not do it, and that becomes your final decision.

Maybe you need new clothes for an event, and you need to save money for it, but you crave eating outside.

Is there any doubt? Is there something? Say no.

Say no to things that you feel are even slightly detrimental to you in one way or another.

That makes things very clear.

Long-term thinkers always make the right choice by clarifying all the doubts in their minds.

They see profits in the future, and they do that work.

They see loss or any chance of doubts; they do not take uncalculated risks.

You give up your cravings immediately and do not let the feeling of doubt fade away.

Take action immediately and say no instantly.

See Your Future Before You Reach There

Where do you see yourself if you continuously do your current work in the coming five years?

Do you feel that the current job you are…



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