Are You a Talker or A Doer

You have to choose one because it’s impossible to be both

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 7, 2022


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Doers’ eyes can see the hard journey they have to cover in getting what they want in life; that’s why their tongue is silent.

Talkers, on the other hand, are ignorant. They do not know how difficult the journey could be, so they talk a lot.

Doers’ mind is prepared for the challenging phases they have to face. The power of silence prepares them mentally. Silence keeps them fueled for the failures, pitfalls, and obstacles they know they will meet on the way.

But talkers mistake talking as working on their dreams. Talkers can only win in imagination. They can never be prepared for real-life success because the energy, resilience, patience, and control of emotions required to achieve success are replaced with talking.

Talkers will remain talkers. They won’t achieve the thing they want in reality. They will only make castles in their heads, not in real life.

Talk Less

Did you notice that I didn’t write the title as “Talk less and do more”? There is a reason behind it.

Talking less will naturally create a space for actions. Silence attracts the actions like a magnet. Talk less and doing more will become automatic.

The person’s mind is busy strategizing things, the one whose tongue is not finding an opportunity to say something and fill the gap of silence with no matter how meaningless words.

It’s the one who is silently playing his game against the opponent, being lost that he forgets to move his body much, forgets to blink his eye, and gets so much involved in the game that he becomes one with his game at the end.

Zipping the lips for long hours sends the signal to your mind that you have to do something. Something serious. Something that makes an impact on the world.

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