Be a Risk-Taker to Win In Life

Your fear keeps you away from the kind of life you want to live

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readFeb 10, 2022


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We all can make a difference and contribute uniquely to this world.

You might have the guts and everything required to do big in life. But maybe you are not getting it because you are afraid.

Running from risks is like avoiding the chance to make your wildest dreams come true.

You might avoid bigger risks in life due to fear, but you will face lesser risks that are more tedious than bigger ones.

You can’t run away from risk no matter what you do.

Life is pale without taking risks.

Calculated Risk Is A Mystery

Calculated risk means you are finding certainty in uncertainties.

I don’t completely disagree that you shouldn’t ensure that the chances of your success go high.

But still, you can’t be sure about most of the things in life.

There is always some form of uncertainty in our lives that remains forever.

You can’t surely say that you will succeed in life, or you can’t surely say that your hard work won’t pay off.

Nothing is certainly known in this world.

But what ensures success is the ability to change as per the situation, having courage, and believing in yourself.

In this world of uncertainty and full of risks, our belief in ourselves becomes our weapon.

Do not calculate things much (but a little you must do) because you are operating in the world of dependency.

Our success depends on many things that are out of our control: weather conditions, people, surroundings, and so on.

So believe in yourself, analyze things with a critical eye, ask yourself whether you have the talent or not.

You must be honest with yourself.

Once all these things are checked, you must dare to leap because waiting and overthinking is a waste and useless delay.



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