Be Uncomfortable All the Times to Feel Great All The Times

Being uncomfortable should be the ultimate goal in life

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readJan 1


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You care about being uncomfortable and circumstances will take care of bringing the comfort in your life.

We all know it all. But now, it’s time to implement all those lessons into our lives. To turn the knowledge, the motivational videos, and inspirational seminars into implementation.

So think like this: When you are using your phone, ask yourself a question. Are you being uncomfortable while using your phone? Am I watching videos which are just for the sake of entertainment or the videos which will help me improve my craft?

Is going to bed by 9PM uncomfortable? Yes, so I do it. Is hitting the snooze button 6AM in the morning and gluing myself to the bed for some extra sleep is comfortable? So I don’t do it.

Working some extra hours makes me feel uncomfortable? So we do it.

Love being uncomfortable in big or small decisions in your daily life. That’s a key to be happier and satisfied at the end of your day and eventually in life. The idea of success will be less attractive to you when you have the habit of being uncomfortable for a greater cause.

Be uncomfortable in every choice you make and life will become more comfortable. Success will kiss your feet if you teach yourself to be uncomfortable for a greater purpose.



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