Be unhappy by choice

We must stop lying to ourselves about the idea of success and real happiness

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readJan 1, 2023
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Look back. What do you see? How did you achieve anything big or small in life? If you tell the truth, you will accept the fact that happiness comes from unhappiness.

That late night hours of study, cups of coffee, frustrations, facing problems, and tough times led to the life of whatever amount of comfort or achievement you have at this stage of life.

Maybe you have a college degree. That’s the only achievement you have. See and look back how did you achieve it.

That’s how you will achieve anything in life. Through those unhappy hours you will achieve the seconds of joy. That’s life.

So do this: Be unhappy by choice. Do the thing that makes you feel unhappy, bored, and escape from the moment. Because if you tell the truth then you will find out that that’s the only thing acting as a wall between you as a success and you as a failure.

Success demands to exchange one form of happiness with another. So say it loudly, “I’m sacrificing today’s happiness. I’m unhappy by choice right now to be happier by bigger rewards that are about to come.”

That’s life dude. That’s how you win. Now go and implement this knowledge in your life. Run today to look younger and healthier tomorrow.



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