Become Problem for The Problem

Become suffering for the suffering

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Being human comes with a lot of limitations.

We go pale in the face of certain problems. We climb mountains, but we can’t handle the yelling of our bosses sometimes.

It’s quite normal for us to be in situations where suffering becomes the only way to get through life.

Sometimes life gives us no way to escape and makes things easier.

Things become very intense.

At those times, you have just one option: Be bigger than your problems and sufferings.

Give tough time to the problems and show them what you are made of.

When life throws challenges at you, tell it to throw more because you are stronger than you perceive yourself to be.

It’s Easy to Say but Hard To Practice

For you, it’s so easy to read these words of motivation and accept the ideas of becoming stronger and embracing hardships.

But when it comes to practicing it, everything changes.

After listening to some podcast or motivational lecture, you think in your mind that you will break all the records.

But right after one hour or two, your weak mental dialogue kicks in.

It says, “Hey! You are doing something wrong. Do not be too hard on things. Everything is cool. You deserve some rest.”

Your choice if you accept those words to be true, but in reality, these words are what they are: just a few words.

You give them the shape, emotions, and feelings.

That is the thing that makes it hard for you to practice those ideas in your life.

Want to make it easy to implement the ideas in your life?

Answer: Do not listen to the weak mental dialogue. Or you hear, but you do not believe it to be true.

Everything is just a thought; you give a shape to your idea by spending time on it.



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