Being an Adult Means You Practice More Patience

An impatient adult is a liability to society

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readJan 12, 2022


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Letting go of the things that are energy draining and full of self-sabotaging pleasures is the job of patience.

Adults without patience are powerless. The powers that adulthood brings can only be accessed with patience.

Patience opens up the window of opportunities.

The reason adults need more patience is because they are in a state of risk-taking.

They have to take big decisions like which person to get married to, which job is the best for them, how will they lead their life in the future and so on.

Who Is An Adult

Being an adult boils down to realizing that you are both your parents ( guidance or mentor ) and a kid ( who tends to do things without much thinking. )

An adult has built enough patience to create a beautiful balance between enjoying the tendencies and self-control.

Adult also knows that life is not all about suppressing and not enjoying the numerous pleasures. But it knows that to enjoy, you have to go through suffering.

And here, patience does a perfect job to help him endure and go through that tedious and challenging time to get future rewards.

In other words, when you become an adult, you show that you know when to do what.

Adulthood Means Responsibility

If you are an adult but irresponsible for things happening in your life, you will become a liability.

Adults will also be responsible for their things. They see dreams; they protect them as well.

They know happiness exists in taking responsibility. It exists in doing what is challenging and never listening to the weak dialogue of the mind.

Keeping things in mind that certain items will remain out of their control no matter what, they still never find any excuse for not being responsible.

Adults are always, always, and always responsible despite all odds.



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