Choose Discipline Over Desires And Cravings

This is the only way to win anything in life

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readFeb 18, 2022


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The problem is that you are not doing the things when you are least motivated.

You are not pushing yourself to work.

You are waiting for the feeling that will motivate you to do the work.

Let me tell you the fact. You will not get the feeling of working 99% of the time.

You have to train yourself to do the tough things no matter what.

If your desires and craving are more intense than your discipline, then you will not live a life you desire to live.

Comfort will always make you feel bad about yourself in the end.

You Will Always Feel Proud if You Do This

Take the tough choice.

Look back in your life and observe the pattern of happiness and sadness.

Which deeds led to the feeling of not being proud of yourself?

Can you find it? Let me help.

You gave up on tough things, and you were choosing the easy option, which made you feel bad about yourself.

On the other hand, you were taking the roller coaster ride and doing the tough things that gave you the utmost happiness.

Always remember: The tough things may seem the most unpleasant choice in the short term, but those choices will always make you proud of yourself in the end.

Discipline is the only way to reach the happiness we all desire in our lives.

We all want to reach our 100% potential, which is impossible if we are not pushing ourselves to do more than what we think we can do.

Do It Anyway

Give up on the chocolate milkshake.

Avoid your best friends who gossip about people.

Give some more time to your studies even when you feel like you have done enough for today.



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