Choose the Correct Option Over the Easy Choice

Dreams are difficult to achieve, and that is the truth

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMar 1, 2022


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Who wants to leave the warm bed?

Do you choose to go for a run or eat a warm hot lava chocolate cake? We all want ease and comfort.

We are wired to avoid the pain of productivity. We are wired to seek pleasures.

That is why success is so rare.

There are very few people willing to sacrifice their ease for greatness.

People who feel uncomfortable but still choose to work and give their best no matter what those people become successful.

You Know Everything

You know that staying late will make your eyes red tomorrow in the office.

You are smart enough to calculate that going for a run and leaving the bed is what will give me what I want.

You know that drinking or indulging in filthy pleasures is terrible for you.

You know everything that you need to know. But still, there is no improvement to be seen. Do you know why?

You do not want it badly.

You are not serious about your life, and you are taking it easy.

It’s just you are unwilling to do the work.

When you work on your will, everything else will settle, and your dreams will come to you on their own.

Work on Your Willingness

It doesn’t matter what you say you want to do.

What matters is whether you are stubborn about it or not. Are you willing to make sacrifices for it or not?

That is the thing that counts.

When you want something so madly, then there is no way to make you stop. You become naturally unstoppable.

Success is a small thing if you are utterly committed to something and want it at all costs.

Commit to something and give it all you got. Sacrifices bring the results you desire to achieve.

It’s Tough



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