Compare Your Situation With Others This Way, and You Will Never Be Sad Again

There is more pain in this world than your problems

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMay 21, 2022


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Ukraine is at war with Russia. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are fighting for their rights. Whoever loses has to pay millions of dollars.

Someone lost their loved ones today. Someone doesn’t have a house to live in; They sleep in their cars. Some scavenger kid sees a rich kid licking his McDonald’s Ice-cream.

Others have shortages of drinking water and food. Someone is going through deadly diseases and fighting for his life.

And you? What is your problem in comparison to theirs?

Your Problems

Look, I’m not here to judge you or force you to laugh at your miseries. Maybe you are going through one of the problems I highlighted above.

Or maybe your problems are slightly lesser intense.

Whatever your problems may be, they are less intense than the problems other people face.

You can still take a chance not just to improve your own life but improve the lives of others as well.

Comparing your problems with the more significant issues that the world is facing may not fix your issues, but they set a perfect tone for the mind to relax and gain a better perspective.

At Least

At least you are not dead yet. At least you can walk. At least you can breathe, see, touch, smell, smile, and say sorry to the people you did wrong because you are still living.

Maybe it’s a long way to go toward your dreams, but at least you are alive and walking toward the right path. Slow ways are not the delays. They are conscious, slow, but 100% perfect progress toward your dreams.

At least you have health. So what is your at-least that can put you in a peaceful state that even achieving your dreams doesn’t seem more fascinating than the things you have at the moment?

Look at yourself in the mirror and pass a smile because you have some at-least left with you no matter what.

In The End



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