Constant Improvement Is the Only Way to Beat Your Opponent

That also means constantly doing what you do not like to do

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 9, 2022


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We all want to arrive at someplace where things get smooth and automatic. No matter what our age is, we want to retire tomorrow.

We want easy money, fame, and whatever in our lives. We want ease.

But life is not about it. Life is about embracing toughness and doing the things you hate to do but are good for you.

In other words, life wants us to improve ourselves constantly. Keep pushing ourselves no matter what.

Guess what? It’s a never-ending journey because you can continually improve yourself to the next level at whatever stage in your life. There is always room to be a better version.

Stop Aiming to Arrive at Something

Life is constant work. As long as your heart is pounding, you have to keep moving and doing things suitable for you; otherwise, you will go pale.

Stagnant water is unattractive.

Never aim to arrive somewhere where you can live and do not do anything. Of course, celebrate the success but then get back to work.

You have to go and work. Keep going. That’s life.

Rewards Come After Work

You might be thinking it’s insane that we have to work all the time, and what about joy, success, and celebration?

Yes, that is important. Rewards ensure that we stay in the game for a long time and win.

But the reward must always be taken as a by-product. It must never be taken as a goal; The work creates an opportunity to have rewards in our lives.

Enjoy the rewards when you have sweat like hell. Work like hell before you expect any rewards.

Key phrase: Focus on the work, and the rewards, pleasures, and success will focus on you.

You take care of the work and constant improvement; everything else will take care of itself.

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