Decide Today That You Will Not Have Low-Quality Pleasures

Give up today’s cheap candy to enjoy tomorrow’s expensive and delicious lava cake

Muhammad Fazal


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For getting one thing, you have to lose another.

If you choose to watch a show today (low-quality pleasure) than working on your dream to be a writer (which will bring high-quality happiness in the future) who earns a living from his writing, your life will form accordingly.

You may have fun today, but tomorrow you will feel hollow and empty inside because deep down, you know that choosing the tough choice is the ultimate goal of life.

Keep Your Eyes Stuck on the Long-Term Vision

When your eyes are stuck with the long-term rewards and goals, giving up short-term pleasures is super easy.

Successful people are always after those long-term rewards. They don’t pursue short-term pleasures.

They give up immediately available pleasure to get long-term rewards in their lives.

Self-control is not so tricky when you have a reason to give up the tendencies.

When your eyes are stuck on those far distant top-quality pleasures, short-term pleasures seem like selling yourself short.

Ordinary People Focus On Short-Term Rewards

Most people want to feel good today.

They want today’s fun. They say, “Tomorrow never comes, so let’s enjoy today.”

Let’s live the moment and know that we will be alive tomorrow.

The funniest part is this: They wake up tomorrow morning and mourn for giving in to those pleasures. They still get another day to live.

Success is a long-term game. But ordinary people want everything today.

They want fun, ease, enjoyment today and mistake this way of living as living the right way.

But the reality is this: Immediate and readily available pleasures will always bring dissatisfaction.

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