Dive Into Uncertainty

A bigger risk means bigger success

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Santiago Lacarta on Unsplash

Even when you are not deliberately taking risks, you are already at risk of not taking risks in your life.

Life itself is a risk. We don’t know tomorrow what surprises we will get. It’s all uncertain. Even when you are doing the job, you still don’t know whether you will reach workplace safely or not.

I pray that you live a safe, happy, and healthy life. But still, there will always be uncertainty that you can never remove from life.

So better embrace the risks and uncertainties, which are ever-present, than to be afraid of them.

Do the Things and Fail Instead of Holding Regrets

Talk to that stranger before you lose the chance and never get such an opportunity ever again.

Drop out of college and work on your business idea for a year. If it doesn’t work, guess what? You can start college after a year, no worries.

How can you know without trying something? How can you explain the pancake taste if you have never tried one?

It’s always difficult to calculate things from a distant place, but when you are in the game, on the run, and doing something, it’s all a different experience. The one which is often empty of fears and uncertainties.

Ask any winner, and they will tell you that playing with the risk is normal too. It’s just you have not put your feet on his shoes. A human being can be habitual to anything. It’s just a matter of practice.

So give things a try. Who knows that you make your dreams come true? If not, life always gives a second chance. As long as you are alive, you will figure out something else that suits you better.

Embracing and overcoming today’s fear is way better than holding the regret for a lifetime.

Give it a try.

Playing Safe Demands Sacrificing Your Dreams

Do you think you are playing safe when you fly in the plane? There is a huge risk. But still, the rewards of the experience of traveling on the aircraft are inexplicable.



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