Do More Because We Can

Do this one thing without looking for a reason

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 14, 2022


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Why shouldn’t you do more? Why shouldn’t you be the fittest person in the room? Why shouldn’t you be undeniable? Why shouldn’t you be so great that others find it hard to ignore you?

Do you want it all? Do more.

The truth: You can always do more.

Would you like to die without getting the most out of your life, time, and money? I’m sure you don’t want it.

So why do you let all the potential inside you go wasted? Why do you want to leave most of the things on the table? Why are you not curious to know what you are made of? What is your potential? What is the end of your potential? How far can you go?

Satisfaction Is in Doing More Than What You Can Think

You have lived a life of ease, haven’t you?

Have you tasted all the pizzas, cupcakes, and those pleasures that every average person looks for? Does it make you happy at the end of the day?

Don’t you feel that hollow sense of dissatisfaction when you go to bed to sleep, having done all the pleasures?

The sweating, being uncomfortable and working like hell give us satisfaction. It’s accepting the challenge of moving forward while you think you should give up.

Satisfaction is in shutting the mental dialogue that says, “Hey, you have done enough; you deserve some rest now.”

Human being always wants, loves, and craves to conquer. And taking full ownership of our lives by controlling and conquering the mind gives us satisfaction.

Find Ways and Techniques to Move Forward and Do More

Everybody has a reason to do more it’s just they are not intensifying it in the right way.

The tragedies, failures, and rejections are the most powerful things. They only seem negative, but they can be taken as fuel.



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