Do not think and just take actions to achieve success

Too much thinking leads to procrastination

Muhammad Fazal
2 min readDec 31, 2022


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We all know what needs to be done. So why think twice. Just act.

You know brushing before bed is beneficial. So do it. You know running, however painful or tough, is good for your health. So do it. Why to think about it and waste time.

Thinking is a waste of time. Don’t think. Just act as if you are a human without brain. Because sometimes we have all the knowledge required to succeed but no grit to act. So practice the action habit. Now.

That’s how you lead the mind. That’s how you make your mind your slave and a faithful follower of your commands. Instant action is all you need most of the times to achieve your dreams.

The key here is to get yourself moving before your mind draws you into the negotiation process that you are going to lose anyway. You can’t win from the mind in arguments.

The mind is smart enough to convince you to not to take actions if you wait for a little while or delay the action. So your speed and ability to act before your mind catches you is your unique edge. Don’t lose it.

That tool is crucial or in most cases the only thing you require to achieve massive success in life.

Practice acting without thinking too much.



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