Do the Difficult Thing First

You will never find satisfaction by doing the easy things

Muhammad Fazal


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Probably you start the exam preparation with the easy subjects and end up losing your peak energy. There is nothing left for the most crucial and difficult subjects.

We all have experienced this. We wake up, do the easy things and procrastinate on the difficult stuff, and eventually, in no time, it’s a night and you feel damn sleepy. You go to bed with a dissatisfied heart and can’t sleep, so you compensate for that shame with motivational YouTube Shorts.

That’s the story. Can you resonate with it?

It Will Catch You Anyway

No matter how fast a runner you are, life will catch you and throw the difficult tasks at you.

The sword of the difficult tasks will remain hanging above you; the thoughts of worry, of getting done something significant, will revolve in your head all the time, no matter how busy you are doing the easy tasks.

A challenging and essential task will remain what they are the top priority, and that also means the source of satisfaction.

Be smart; do not run away from them. Stay there, face them, and do those significant tasks. Do them first thing as you open your eyes from sleep.

Choose Satisfaction Over Ease

Probably you want to be a writer, but it’s so easy for you to read. You can read a book a day. But writing is a real challenge for you.

Will that help? Can you become a writer by just reading a book? No. That boring and mundane pounding against the keyboard and meeting writer’s block will move the needle.

It’s the difficult task of sitting against your computer, and writing your piece will give you satisfaction in the end. Not the ease of reading a book a day.

Choose the satisfaction and avoid the ease. There is an acceptable line difference between ease and pleasures, so beware.

Do Not Mistake Doing Learned Things With Progressing



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