Every moment is fresh and new.

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMar 8, 2021

Most of life is ordinary. The same route to the office. The same faces of the most important people in your life. The same routine. Well, sometimes all of these change but still there is a monotonousness in life. So what to do? How to be in the present? The present is so boring and the same better to live in the imagination of future or dreams, right? Well, I think you need to read more about the ideas of living in the present moment.

I was reading a book named “Think Like a Monk” — Jay Shetty. He shared this amazing experience of his in the monk training. He and his other companions were given this task of traveling the same road and finding something new in it.

Lines from the book Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty:

Truly noticing what’s around us keeps our brains from shifting to autopilot. At the ashram, we were trained to do this on our daily walk. I have taken this walk for hundreds of days now. It is hot, but not unpleasant in my robes. The forest is leafy and cool, the dirt path feels soothing underfoot. Today a senior monk has asked us to look for a new stone, one that we have never noticed before. I am slightly disappointed. For the past week or so we’ve been asked to look for a new flower every day, and yesterday I lined up an extra one for today, a tiny blue flower cupping a drop of dew that seemed to wink at me as if it were in on my plan. But no, our leader is somehow onto me and has switched things up. And so the hunt is on. And I’ve found it! Here, a curious orange stone that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere since yesterday. I turn it over in my palm. Finding the stone isn’t the end of our discovery process. We observe it deeply, describe the color, the shape, immerse ourselves in it to understand and appreciate it. Then we might describe it again to be sure we’ve experienced it fully. This isn’t an exercise, it’s real. A deep experience. I smile before returning it to the edge of the path, half-hidden, but there for someone else to find.

He also quoted this which is my favorite:

To walk down the same old path and find a new stone is to open your mind.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to the same path you take to go to the office or same restaurants you eat your…



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