Every second you are winning or losing

What is your self-talk?

Muhammad Fazal


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The quality of our lives is dependent on the kind of talk we engage in.

Our mind is thinking without us knowing it. Much like our breathing. Our thoughts are talking to us every day.

A new study has suggested that an average person has 6,200 thoughts per day. And there is a strong relationship between what you think and how you feel.

The most important conversation a person can have is when he is alone.

Words you exchange with your brain when you are alone are your self-talk.

Your self-talk defines where will you reach in the future. It defines your success and failure.

It’s so important that we should know what our self-talk is.

By learning to control your self-talk, you can keep yourself focused on the right things and produce the right results in your life.

How your self-talk can impact you negatively

Self-talk is so powerful that it can make you or break you.

It’s totally up to your way of looking at it.

How you feel when you read these words:

  1. You are such a loser.
  2. Nobody loves you.
  3. Those great things that you are dreaming about are for others.
  4. You don’t deserve to be happy.
  5. You are a failure and you will always be.

did you feel the negativity of the word?

How long would you reach having those words in your brain? What can you achieve with these words? Can you change your life or others’ life with these words?

I know your answer. I know you have realized after reading it that how powerful your self-talk could be.

You might have realized now that the only reason people are being healthy, wealthy, disciplined, motivated, and determined is they have positive self-talk.

How your self-talk can impact you positively

Healthy and positive self-talk can improve your mood, make you happy, give you a reason to live…



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