Everything Becomes Easy Once You Begin Doing The Work

Your thinking makes things complicated

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readJan 28, 2022


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It would help if you thought but not to delay your actions.

Thinking is practical, but too much thought, and you will begin to procrastinate on your dreams.

So once you decide what you want, start your action without overthinking things.

For instance, you want to be a professional soccer player. Now the goal is clear.

What do you have to do?

It’s simple to go to the ground and do whatever your coaches tell you to do.

That’s it.

See, success is that easy. Once you decide what you want, all you require is action.

When you take action, shut down your mind for overthinking.

But when you think, don’t move a muscle.

Don’t let thinking interfere with the actions, and don’t let unnecessary activities interfere with your review and planning.

Your Actions Are the Ultimate Answers

Do you know what makes the situations of your life difficult right now? Your habit of laziness and inaction.

Let alone the fear of failures and other negative thought patterns you hold in your mind.

But the only thing which ensures that you never succeed in life is your habit of not taking furious actions.

You are not attacking your problems, which is why life has become complicated and hopeless.

Try this:

After reading this article, do the most challenging thing you were trying to procrastinate for days or maybe hours. It could be doing the dishes, working on your college assignments, or side hustles you planned to work on to earn a little more.

Whatever thing you are unwilling to do. Do it first.



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