Everything Is Hard at First, but It’s Never Impossible

Do it because it is possible

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Knowing that something is possible to do is enough to keep you motivated and stay in the game.

Have you ever thought, why do we give up easily? It happens because we believe that something is there that we can’t do. We think it’s impossible.

Certainty of something keeps us up in the game. We all want someone to give us surety that we can do it.

The problem is that we doubt ourselves in the process of whether we can do it or not. Whether it is possible or it is impossible.

That doubt that leads to believing that something is impossible is the killer of dreams.

Kill All The Doubts

We stop working because somewhere in the distant corner of our brain hides a doubt that it’s not possible. We can’t do it.

That’s the only problem that you have to address. If you could make yourself believe stronger and more intense that something is possible, then being persistent and having grit is natural to happen.

When you vanish all the doubts from the mind, you become unstoppable.

Do It Because It Is Possible



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