Expectations Do Not Hurt but What Hurts Is the Way We Expect Things

Expect that things will not work for the first time and you will never get hurt

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 6, 2022


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Most of my friends say, “I do not expect anything from others.” An utterly false statement.

You are compelled to expect in this world because of the connectivity between things and people.

Can you imagine how many people and things are involved in making it possible for the plate of rice to be placed on your table?

Everything is connected from the sunlight, weather conditions, farmer’s farming, trader’s trading, and chef’s cooking to someone’s business effort to build a company that makes nice plates on which you can place the delicious rice.

We All Are Dependent, and We All Expect

We can’t exist in this world alone. We have to contribute, collaborate, and create. We have to give, and we have to get.

Expectations must have to come. We have to expect things from people, and people have to expect something from us.

The sooner we understand this and strategies our way of building expectations, the earlier we will build the shield against the hurt that comes with expectations.

Expectations are normal. Without them, life can’t exist.

Illogical Expectations Will Always Hurt

For instance, you want to be a businessman.

You quit your job, gather some savings, and get your head up straight away toward the journey of being a risk-taker.

Without calculating the data that shows the percentage or likability of a business to succeed, without expecting pitfalls and failures that are sure to come in a way to do something different, you choose to dive.

Now what? You face a not so major failure along the way, lose hope gradually, and eventually conclude that business is not for you. That ends as the famous worldwide notion of “Expectations always hurt.”

Smart Expectations

Before quitting the job and diving in the ocean of sharks, you calculate a few things.



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