Focus on What You Can Control and Ignore What You Can’t

Learn the art of ignoring

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 21, 2022


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Not every thought requires our attention.

Not every thought is helpful for us. Some serve us better and make us aware and intelligent about our life and its things, but others must be thrown away.

With fruits or vegetables come the part of the edible which has to be thrown away. Similarly, not every thought has to be processed in our minds.

It is crucial to learn the art of ignoring our thoughts before expecting to walk on this planet with mental peace.

Varies Thoughts Come Into Our Minds

Thoughts about the meaning of life, future, memories, people, places, etc. Some negative and some positive.

Maybe you think that life after graduation will be challenging, whether you will be able to live your dreams or not, or whether you will meet the right people.

Or maybe you are afraid about what other people are thinking about you, whether you will be successful in your life or you will be a failure, and so on.

You Can’t Control Everything

A human being is not entirely limitless; You can’t control how people think. You can’t handle this entire world. You are not responsible for the weather the conditions.

Near to 99% of the things are out of your control.

You can’t make a person like you no matter how hard you try; You can’t change the other person’s mind. You do not have results in your hands.

Anything could happen. You work hard, but then war breaks out. Now? Where are your goals? Time is ticking away, and you are losing your youth. Where is your success despite being the most deserving of it?

You can’t control most things in life, and that is the reality.

You Can Only Control Your Response

Thoughts have no power until you process them.

It’s completely natural to think about anything wrong or super positive. The mind will throw the thoughts because it’s the mind’s job.



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