Focus On Your Ice Cream, Not on the Luxurious Car Passing by

What a little girl in the supermarket taught me about human psychology

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readApr 5, 2022


Photo by Mieke Campbell on Unsplash

I went to buy groceries in the supermarket with my brother.

As we entered the supermarket, I grabbed a trolley. Soon after walking a few steps into the market, my brother received a nature call.

He went away to use the washroom, and I chose to stand there for a while for no particular reason where he had left me.

Thanks to my habit of not using a smartphone instantly when I’m bored. I looked here and there for a while and saw a fantastic scene.

Little Girl’s Story

I still remember her face.

She was enjoying her ice cream, closing and opening her eyes, much like we see actors in advisement enjoying the taste of the edible.

She was lost in the ice cream, and I was smiling to see the satisfaction in her eyes. The scene was beautiful until another rich little kid drove his remote-controlled car near her.

Due to human nature, she gave all of her attention to that remote-controlled car for a reasonable amount of time and her ice cream began to melt.

Right then, my brother came, and we moved away from that place. The story was sitting rotating in my brain while we were walking out.

Aren’t We The Same

What’s the difference between kids and us.

We are still kids in our minds. Probably the object has changed from ice cream to our small houses or low paying jobs, but we are still thinking the same way.

We do not see the detrimental results of jealousy and envy. We do not calculate how we are damaging our soul by hating someone else or wanting others not to succeed if we are not successful yet.

We have to change ourselves. We have to grow.

This Is Why It Is Happening

For a kid to think like this is reasonable. After all, the kid is still a kid. She…



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