Here Is How to Get Out of the Continuous Negative Loop Of Thoughts

No more meditation techniques

Muhammad Fazal


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The bigger fear lies in our heads is what other people will think about us. That’s why only a few percent of the people in this world do extraordinary things.

The problem is not what others think about us; the problem is that we process that thought in our minds.

We are weak enough to give those energy-draining thoughts some space in our heads.

Did you feel it? We are not strong. We are weak, which is why that continuous loop of negative thoughts knocks us down.

Here is what we have to do.

Workout For Hours

I know most people would expect that I would suggest some meditation technique or let go of the thoughts, but it’s not how it works.

Doing easy things won’t solve the problem.

The victim mentality has taken the front seat because we are physically weak. We are not challenging.

When we are working for long hours, suddenly, all thoughts of worry, overthinking, and what others think about us, vanish.

Suddenly the productive and constructive pain of working out becomes more important in our lives than the thoughts of what people think about us or what wrong did they do to us.

When you are pushing the limits, doing the hard things, and working hard to overcome a challenge, you are becoming stronger than those negative thoughts that come into your mind.

Magic of Continuous Long Hours

Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in two weeks. Can you imagine for how long he works?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the composer, was impossible to remove from the seat when he used to play the piano.

Every successful person knows that there is something in working for long hours and continues pounding on something. They know that the depth will help them find the…



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