Here Is Why You Should Smile Without A Reason

This is the key to protecting your mood

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMay 30, 2022


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Maybe we do not need time management; perhaps we do not need money management; maybe we do not need to master everything but only this: our will to smile anywhere, anytime.

Whether we want it or not, life will come at us. It will happen to us. It will get tough.

We could lose our job, our phones can slip from our hands and get snapped on the floor, and we could face hundreds of obstacles to chasing our dreams.

Anything can happen. But it is up to us to let it snatch our ability to smile or to make us smile more as a sign of strength in our character.

A Smile Doesn’t Show Weakness Or Softness

When life beats you down, and you think there seems to be no way out, smile. It may not fix your issues right away, but it will tell your situations that you are more powerful than them.

You do not give away your powers easily, your life may change from an external view, but deep in your soul, you are the strongest and the most powerful to fight anything.

A smile is a sign of strength. It shows how much you are in control when something outside comes toward you to test your inner strengths.

So smile because that will immediately refuel your body to fight with all of your might with whatever is in front of you.

Get Into the Habit Of Smiling

Many people want some external stimuli, an outside push to get them in the mood.

People watch shows to feel happy and a sudden rush, and when the show is over, they return to the neutral state of life where it’s all meaningless and lack enthusiasm.

You do it differently. For you, even the air from the fan, the look in the mirror, every single key on the keyboard you touch, everything should be a reason to smile.

Does it sound crazy or weird to smile without reason? Wait.

Have you ever thought that it is weird, crazy, stupid, or alien to be sad without reason? Probably you have not.



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