Hit Stopwatch on Your Smartphone to Be at the Top of Your Field

How a big stopwatch screen can make you insanely productive

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

You pick your books and announce that you’re studying in your home and nobody should disturb you.

You close the room door behind you and throw the books on the bed with positive, productive aggression as if you will read them all as if you will eat them all.

Sweet dreams.

Anyways, you sit in front of books, and it’s just 15 minutes have passed, and your phone dings; you stick your eyes on the phone and grab it immediately to respond to the notification.

You engage with your smartphone, and once it’s done, you get to study.

Guess what? Again your phone rings, and you unconsciously pick it up and respond.

Can you relate to it? I think you can.

Here is the solution.

When You Work, Hit the Stopwatch

Forget all the productivity techniques; you do not need to spend months reading the piles of books.

Let’s make things relatively simple.

Let me take a similar but slightly different situation.



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