How Leonardo da Vinci Teaches Us That Slow or Even Extremely Slow, but Quality Work Is Much Better Than Quick but Quantity Work

He took 4 years or more time to paint Mona Lisa; You avoid shipping shitty quantity articles

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are world renown and uniquely honored in the world.

He was one of the most genius human beings this planet earth has ever witnessed. He was a painter, mathematician, engineer, scientist, sculptor, architect and what not. He was a polymath.

When I learned these facts about Leonardo Da Vinci, I literally couldn’t sleep for a long time. The thought of being so much in the lifespan of 67 years made my struggle to sleep double.

How on earth a man without any internet connection, tutorials, access to electricity, and other uniquely gifted resources available to the human being in the 21st century could do all that.

The most surprising was that he wasn’t an amateur or mediocre in those different fields of science. He was a master of it. That man broke a notorious belief “jack of all trades master of none,” because he was the master of all traits.

He Had a Hard Time Finishing His Paintings

Leonardo Da Vinci was hard to be pleased by his work. He used to spend more than the necessary time with his paintings, according to the opinion of his contemporary painters. He was never satisfied with his work. He used to work on such details that his fellow painters couldn’t even imagine working.

His obsession for detailing in his paintings was insane to the extent that he used to run on the streets holding the canvas and the painting brush to capture the people’s different facial expressions and perform deep analysis on them. His paintings covered almost every minute detail of human facial expression, but it came with its cost.

Most clients, critics, and contemporary painters used to complain about his delayed deliveries of work. On the other hand, he couldn’t ship most of his work on time because he was obsessed with creating a masterpiece rather an ordinary painting.



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