How to Accept the Bitter Reality of Life to Make It Beautiful

Suffering is compulsory for growth and the beauty of life

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readOct 13, 2021


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I have tried and tested everything, but nothing works for success and in life until you give it all you have got. Success without sacrifice and suffering is an illusion of success. Most people still believe that it’s easy to have great things in life, which becomes the only reason for them not to tap into their true potential. You can’t find your true potential until you suffer.

A wood doesn’t come to a beautiful shape of the sofa, bed, or table until it’s hit hard and someone has toiled on it. The same goes for our lives. We don’t give a beautiful shape to our lives until we suffer and give it all we have got.

The Beauty of Suffering for a Great Cause

The suffering that leads to satisfaction is much better than the ease that leads to guilt. I have always believed that suffering expires early, but the rewards that come from suffering remain forever.

Look back in your life, and you will find that whatever you have right now that you are genuinely proud to have, has come out of suffering. You can’t expect to have great fruits until the seed you sow gets the burning of the sun.

Don’t Cry That Life Is Hard but Be Thankful That You Have Got an Opportunity to Prove Yourself

Believe it or not. Life is more fun when you have obstacles ahead of you, and you work hard to overcome them and set yourself apart from the rest of the people by deliberate efforts, which are rarely found in the people.

I have been a complainer for a longer time in my life. I used to give up on things when they became hard and couldn’t continue working on them. For sure, quitting in the first place gave me a quick high and relief of letting the burden off my shoulders, but later on, when I used to see someone else who had been in the worst situation and overcoming the same challenge I faced, with his hard work and dedication. I feel bad about giving up in the first place.

I begin to hate myself even when I sit in a room full of comfort and have the best meal or enjoy the…



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