How to Answer Haters and Insecure People Who Don’t Want You To Excel

Some people will not want you to grow and prosper; Don’t let them stop you

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readOct 28, 2021


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Sometimes avoidance from toxic people is not the option.

Sometimes the only option you have is to answer them back and show them who you are.

Many people, including your friends and family members, have some ulterior motives when they want to connect with you. They manifest their soft and tender side on the outside and pretend to be our well-wishers.

But from the inside, they are the staunchest enemy. They don’t want us to excel. They don’t want us to grow and prosper.

Negative people pull you from the leg by throwing their definitions of success and failure. They make half-hearted efforts for their dreams and expect you to do the same.

Make sure you give tough time to those people who don’t want you to grow in life.

Insecure People Don’t Want Others To Grow

When someone is unfulfilled and dissatisfied with his life, he will not tolerate a satisfied human being around him.

For them to work hard on themselves is nearly impossible, so they do the easy job — gossip, accuse, blame, and pull somebody’s leg trying to climb the ladder of success.

In the current times, insecurity is so common. Every day millions of insecure people wake up scrolling social media to be more insecure by watching the Instagram filtered photos of the other people who just put smiley and happy images on their profile.

Practice makes you perfect, and people are practicing to be more insecure every single day.

We can’t control other people, but we can control our minds to form a shield against those insecure people who can’t do worthwhile things themselves and just gossip about others.

Answer Them With Your Grit

Your only weapon is your hard work and dedication.

The more you train your mind to fight those insecurities by continuously improving your craft, skills, health, and overall life.



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