How to Avoid Making Assumptions to Experience Calmness in Your Entire Day

Futile assumptions ruin your entire day within seconds

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readSep 20, 2021


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Imagine a hammer will have his own will to slam anything he wants. How dangerous will it be?

But do you know there is something more dangerous than a hammer that is ruling you? Any guesses? Yes, it’s your brain.

Your brain is a more powerful tool in the world that is ever ready to rule you.

Key Phrase: Brain demands to be ruled, or it requires to lead.

Either you control your brain, or it will manage you, and the moment your brain controls you and gives you command, then you will not get many things done in your life because your brain is designed to conserve energies — It is intended for thinking but not designed for taking action. That is your job.

You have to give the command to your brain, and you have to be the ruler.

How to Train Your Brain to Shun Making Assumptions

The brain likes to think even on petty matters. You have to put a deliberate effort to stop it from thinking uselessly and not allow it to exchange your peace for the futile assumptions.

Here is how you can do it: Practice living in the present moment.

You can practice mindfulness in your daily life while eating, walking, reading, writing, talking, and so on.

But also, you can practice meditation that will help you live in the present moment.

Just 10 minutes a day consistently are enough to train your mind to stay in the present moment and stop making futile assumptions.

How Daily Meditation Can Help You Be More Focused

The purpose of meditation is to focus on what we have currently at the moment.

It will help you be more present at the moment by letting you be aware of your senses, taste, smell, and the environmental triggers around you, which will build up the focus muscle in your brain, and you will be more focused on your life.



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