How to Be Tougher Than Your Tough Times

You have to learn this because life demands you to show up no matter what

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMay 25, 2022


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Let me tell you one thing: Life will always give you a reason to quit. Always.

Maybe there is a lot of heat in the area where you live. Perhaps you do not have support from your home. Or you do not feel like doing the work.

Whatever your reason is for not showing up, let me tell you that this world doesn’t care. It only sees the results.

Whether you are the kid of the rich or the poor, what you are is defined by the hard work you have done for yourself.

So have this mindset.

Here Is How Not to Let Anything Overcome You

Maybe you are too skinny and need to eat food, but you do not feel like eating; guess what? The food is winning from you. It is overcoming you. Do not let it win from you. Eat it.

You might be thinking of giving up because you have worked hard on your dreams, and it’s enough now; guess what? The circumstances are winning, and you do not let them win. Compete with them.

Make a pace with your problems and surpass them.

But wait, should you compete with others? Should you feel bad about yourself when you see someone else getting more than you? No.

The goal is to attain the mastery of yourself; The goal is to be the king of your kingdom. It is to be you against you.

It is to work hard not because you want to show somebody else or you want people’s attention, but you have to overcome your inner demons.

It is to impress yourself and surprise yourself every time by pushing forward and knowing what is humanly possible through you.

What you as a human being can do and how far you can push yourself to know your potential, that should be your goal.

That’s how you will never let anything overcome you.

Track Your Progress

Without tracking our progress, we will always think that we are doing more than what we are doing.



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