How to Break the Wrong Wall Quicker to Begin to Break the Right One

Life tests your passion and love before giving you what you want

Muhammad Fazal


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Ease is hidden in the toughness.

Nature always offers you dessert once you have finished your meal.

You can’t reach the right wall before breaking the wrong one. Life is designed this way. It prepares you by breaking the wrong walls and then get you to the right one.

It tests you by throwing worth-complaining hindrances toward you and sees how you perform.

It measures the intensity of your love for your dreams by throwing towards you some daunting challenges that seem unnecessary and remotely connected to your goals.

But here is the catch: They do count in your success.

Everything counts and compounds in your success. Your attitude toward wrong walls as well.

Tip: Don’t complain if you aren’t given the right wall to hit. Don’t show life that you are a complainer. Life safeguards the right walls from the complainers. It filters people to hit the right wall through the criteria of their attitude when they were hitting the wrong ones.

Life demands you keep hitting even the wrong ones with a winning attitude to gain confidence in the eyes of life to offer you the right wall to hit and live the life of your dreams.

The Quickest Way to Reach the Right Walls

It will help you reach the right walls to crack quicker if you believe that your attitude is more important than success.

Success is volatile; it will stay with you for a brief time and leave you sooner for the straightforward reason: the outcome of your efforts is not in your hands.

Not every time you will win, and nor does winning is essential. The thing that is important for reaching the right walls sooner is a winning attitude.

You are still a winner if you lose when you have a winning attitude because eventually, you will get what you want if your attitude is right.

Why Do We Have to Break the Wrong Walls



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