How to Choose Your Thoughts Wisely Because You Manifest Your Mental Story

The action is just the manifestation of the thoughts

Muhammad Fazal


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Imagine what if someone calls you stupid every single morning as you wake up.

Imagine someone says, “Good Morning, stupid.” “Hey, stupid, please have your breakfast.” “Go to work, you stupid.” “And yeah, don’t forget to be back before seven, stupid.”

How does that sound to you? Doesn’t it disturb you internally? Don’t you feel that it is going to make you act stupid someday?

Guess what?

That is our internal dialogue most of the time. We often find ourselves saying, “Man, I can’t do that.” “I am not smart enough to start the business.” “I am stuck. I don’t have time for my dreams.” “Dreams are just dreams; they don’t become a reality for someone like me.” and so on.

What kind of actions, energy, and motivation would you expect from the person who repeats these sorts of phrases to himself all the time in a day?

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

The kind of thoughts you will entertain in your entire day, the type of action you will take.

I remember one day I was unwilling to act because I felt tired and thought I had done enough for today. Thinking like that, I picked my phone and started scrolling on short clips of YouTube. While scrolling, I came across a video that says, “Would you allow your excuses to hold you back from tapping into your true potential and living the life of your dreams?”

I stopped for a while and thought, “Man isn’t that I am giving an excuse. I am deliberately convincing myself not to act and feel lazy. When for real I have some energy left to get started with my dreams.”

I put my phone aside and got busy doing the most important things right when I was saying that I was tired or feeling lazy.

What changed? My thoughts. How? I got the right company which encouraged me to act and not delay my most important tasks.

Your words, beliefs, and ideas hold all the power to get you started with your dreams. If you could control what kind of thoughts you let into your mind, you…



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