How to Discipline Yourself in a Way That You Never Go Out of Discipline

Program your subconscious mind in a way that discipline becomes like breathing

Muhammad Fazal


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There is no easy way to succeed. I have tried the easiest ways, and they are the most dissatisfying and hollow.

Success is never possible without the discipline of putting your best forward.

You can’t be healthy until you deliberately eat healthily and work out.

You can’t get excellent scores until you put in the continuous hours of studies.

Life doesn’t give you what you want until you are willing to sacrifice something for it. It demands discipline of delaying gratifications and putting in the required amount of work, primarily in the times when you don’t feel like working.

Why Our Discipline Doesn’t Last Longer Than A Week

Have you ever wondered why does it happen that you listen to a podcast or a motivational video, you get the energy, and you feel like conquering the world, but then it doesn’t last for a longer time?

It happens because you don’t go to the place where you get that energy again and again.

You have to revisit those motivational videos and re-read those words that had given you this much energy.

Even the world’s best Athletes and top players in their fields get out of discipline sometimes but what makes them different than others is their ability to go back to the vicinity where they got this much energy and get started with their goals again.

Your ability to make a comeback quickly is what defines how disciplined you are and how quickly you will make your dreams a reality.

How to Take Full Responsibility for Your Actions No Matter What

You are responsible for your actions no matter what.

Even when the earthquake comes, you will be responsible for standing up and choose to live again.

People with a no-excuse mindset have created things that have amazed the world even when they are disabled.



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