How to Feel Great When Your Friends Become Successful

You feel bad because you can’t conquer the challenges in your life

Muhammad Fazal


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Our emotions are like a muscle. The more we practice them, the more they grow.

Today in a world of instant responses and instant gratifications, it’s not easy not to be envious.

People share their sunny side on Instagram and wear fake masks of blissfulness which leave the watcher despaired.

And the problem is that the feeling of despair and envy is building its muscle.

It’s increasing in our lives day by day, without us realizing that it doesn’t matter whether someone else is successful or not. It doesn’t make a difference in our lives.

Friends are an inevitable part of our lives; without friends, life becomes difficult. Friends help us grow, learn, and be better. They teach us things that we remember till our last breath. They do so much for us even they become ready to die for us. Would you still want to be envious of them if they become successful in their lives?

Here is the thing: Your competition is you. You feel bad about someone else just because you can’t conquer the challenges in your own life, just because you can’t conquer your inner demons. You are losing in your own life, and you want the other person (Friend) to lose. Do you like to play lose-lose, or would you like to play win-win?

Why Do You Feel Bad About Yourself

You feel bad about someone else’s success just because you know that there is something in your life that you know you should be working on, but you aren’t working on it.

If you are losing in your life, you are losing because you are not the other person. You are not showing up for your dreams. You are lazy. You have dreams and goals, but you are not working hard on them, making you feel bad about yourself. It’s not your friends’ success.

How to Play Win-Win

You want to be more successful than your friends, right? You want to impress the world with your greatness. You want your name to be remembered for ages.



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