How to Fill Your Mind With the Thoughts of Hope and Possibility

Don’t worry about the future; You don’t know anything

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readOct 28, 2021


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We don’t know anything. Tomorrow may be the best day of our lives or the worst.

Nobody knows what the future holds for us.

But still, we make assumptions due to our curiosity to know how we will look in the future. We can’t stop it.

Especially in today’s world when we are sending missions to space which takes time beyond the average lifespan of humans. Our business is based on prediction systems. Our whole life is about securing our future.

We undeniably live in a futurist world, and we can’t live without making assumptions and plans for uncertain futures.

Here is the catch: Even if we are tightly bound to think more about the future and assumptions, why not choose to feel hope, possibility, positivity, betterment than to think of worry, stress, losses, and failures.

Why shouldn’t we choose happiness over fear? Are we afraid of joy too? What if we lose it?

Thought of the Future, Whether Positive or Negative Is Nothing but An Illusion

Whatever you are thinking, positive or negative, about the future is an illusion. It’s not a reality.

But the point to note here is that those illusions also impact our realities at the moment.

The thoughts influence us which we entertain in a day.

Your current efforts in work are affected by the kind of thoughts you choose to process in your mind.

Choose to Process the Thoughts Of Hope

Even if your assumptions are not a reality, you choose to entertain the thoughts of hope and possibility.

Turn your every can’t do it to can do it.

We don’t know the mystery our lives hold for us. But we know that human potential is limitless.

So thinking that you can’t do something and losing hope is a denial that we are humans, and for us, every obstacle in the way is an opportunity, and every impossible is possible.



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