How to Instantly Turn the Knowledge of Books Into Massive Action

Seeking more motivation becomes a waste of time when you have a reason to act

Muhammad Fazal


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If you are reading this, then the chances are that you have consumed some inspirational or motivational content before in your life.

You might also have experienced that motivation doesn’t last long. Right after a few days of consuming motivational stuff, you go back to square one.

Your life doesn’t seem to have lasting change even after long hours of reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching motivational speeches.

Here is the problem: You don’t have a reason to change your life. You don’t have a reason to turn the knowledge into action.

The Power of Reason

A reason can make you move mountains.

When your reason to be successful is burning inside you, you don’t even need to read more books.

Seeking more motivation becomes a waste of time when you have a reason to act.

Instead of seeking motivation, figure out what is the reason for you to be successful.

Your reason could be personal or external. Perhaps you want to know what is your fullest potential or you want to prove your haters wrong.

The best revenge is massive success ~ Frank Sinatra

Whatever the reason be, it must move you, make you drive, and nudge you in the times when you want to quit.

The best reason is the one which makes you wake up in the morning when you crave the mattress when you think you have done enough but still makes you keep going when you lose hope, but still, you have to believe in yourself because the reason is demanding more of you.

Ask yourself, is your reason strong enough to push you in the times when you don’t feel like working? If it is, you have found the key to turning adversity into advantage.

One Book 1 Lesson Turned Into Action Is Enough

Books are worth reading only when you turn the lessons of it into action.



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