How to Make It Easy to Take Action No Matter How Small

Teach yourself to ask the right questions and surround yourself with the right environment

Muhammad Fazal


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I often wonder why brushing every day is easy for most people, but taking even the baby steps for the dreams becomes tough?

Why do some people find it easy to be disciplined and consistently follow routines that make them better and liable to achieve whatever they want from life?

Why do some people hate their job but do it religiously despite knowing they want something better or deserve more?

On the other hand, why do they waste their time when getting an opportunity to work on their dreams?

Why do they get lazy when they get a chance to create something that they want from their life?

Questioning Is the Sign of Intelligence Necessary to Bring Change In Life

I believe questioning is what sets us apart from other creatures. A human being is designed to question; this is the only difference between an animal and the human animal.

One of the reasons we don’t get in life what we genuinely want is that we don’t ask the right questions from ourselves.

Why do I hate my job? Why do I want to get a loan from the bank to buy an expensive car? Do I need it, or I am just spending money to impress my friends?

The right question can bring the proper focus, and the focus can bring the right solution.

Similarly, have you ever wondered why do you get lazy when you are at home doing nothing?

And When you know that you need to be working on your dreams, but you choose to watch a movie?

Why it becomes easy for you to brush your teeth every day but hard to be consistent with your dreams? I have got answers after asking these questions. Let me share my take on this.

Here Is Why

When you wake up in the morning, the saliva or taste of your mouth is disgusting, and it becomes so disturbing that you want to get rid of it before anything else in the world.



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