How to Make the Boring Work the Source Of Pleasure

If your work doesn’t give you pleasure, you will live an average and unhappy life

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMar 15, 2022


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Work is as important as breathing and water.

Human life revolves around two major pillars that ensure a balanced living: work and relationships.

Without relationships, we can’t exist. Need assurance? Can you get birth without a mother and father?

Work comes with a limited amount of leniency compared with relationships, but eventually, we do not survive in this world without work.

But sadly enough, most people mistake working as doing something they do not like to do and earn money from it. They think imprisonment, unhappiness, fatigue, a sense of security, and all such kind of things must be there in the work they do.

Their thoughts make them believe such things and eventually make them live the kind of life they do not want live.

We need to change the ideology about work.

Working Could Become a Heaven-Like Experience

Before I utter some magical words that convince you to change the beliefs and ideas you hold about work, let me say it bluntly that every work has a bit of hell in it.

Work is, by definition, demanding. You need to put attention, focus, creativity, and energy. And it may seem boring at times.

For sure, not every day is Sunday. We experience highs and lows in everything we do.

But that must not be mistaken with the work that continuously requires a deliberate lifeless mundane effort to get back to doing the work.

If we tell the truth to ourselves, we will get the answers. Deep down, we all know our calling, where we belong, and what makes our hearts twinkle with excitement.

People ignore that deep message given by the GOD (or whatever you believe in) to them; they ignore the enticing work and do the work that always requires willpower.

The work that requires less willpower and becomes effortless to resume will become the source of happiness and blissfulness.



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