How to Make Yourself Unconquerable by Your Urge for Immediate Gratification

Long-term thinking and Imagination is the key here

Muhammad Fazal


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Let’s face it and finish it today.

Why do we fail? Many reasons. I know. But a significant cause? Short-term thinking. We are so consumed and intrigued by today’s smoke than tomorrow’s good health.

That’s why we can’t discipline ourselves. Simple. Okay, I got it. Now, what’s the solution?

Here Is The Solution

How you see yourself in the future defines everything.

Every bodybuilder, greatest Tennis player, or World-renown boxer first sees himself becoming the best before they begin working hard or taking necessary actions to be the best in real life.

They imagine themselves being the best so much that their mind begins to believe like crazy that it’s possible.

Most extraordinarily successful people are poor, have fewer resources, or have insignificant things around them. But still, the madness of thinking that their mind catches through constantly repeated thoughts about their future-great-self does the magic. Nothing else.

You do the same. Are you fat? Or struggle to sleep early? Or do you need more time to do the work you want? What you have to do is simple. Just see yourself becoming smart, sleeping by 9:00 AM without your phone beside you, or working with motivation and energy and winning job promotions.

See yourself winning in the future; imagine so stubbornly that your mind believes it to be true to the point that it feels like you are picking a glass of water and drinking it. Just Effortless. Only a little thinking is required. Just everyday daily tasks.

Just imagine achieving greatness, which is a big thing for all the people in the world, and it becomes a daily task for you. Wow. Imagination is so powerful. Use it. And win.

How you see yourself in the future defines how much success or failure you will experience.

That’s it. See you soon. Imagine and see the great you, and you will become great.



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