How to Not Feel Bad When Your Friends Succeed

You are in a race with yourself and not with others

Muhammad Fazal


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Other people’s achievement makes us feel bad about ourselves because we do not have the right goals.

We often set the goal that we have to reach a particular point. We always give a full stop to our success.

But is there any full-stop? Is there any finish line? Does life stop when you achieve whatever you desire to achieve?

So life constantly demands from you. Even if you achieve what your friends have, life will continuously ask what’s next?

The Goal Should Be This to Avoid Jealousy

When you say that you want to achieve what your friend has or have more than your friend, you limit your potential.

There is no limit to what you can earn and do with your life.

Your potential is infinite.

So why are you limiting yourself? Your goal should be this: How far can I go?

You constantly ask yourself how much you can push yourself forward? What potential is it inside me that I haven’t reached yet?

Your goal should be to discover how far a human being can push himself? That is a healthy goal.

Setting this type of goal removes all kinds of full stops and finish lines. It makes you limitless. It removes the cap from your head. It vanishes the ceiling because, in reality, there isn’t any.

So stop limiting yourself to a particular point. You have no idea what you can do. Set your goal as “I have to see how far a human being can push himself? For how long can he fight with his inner demons? How long could he avoid procrastination?”

This way of goal setting will show how small you were thinking by comparing yourself with your friend because you will know that there is no destination.

It’s always moving forward. Life will constantly ask what you have inside you, and you have to answer it. So you answer it.

Put all of your time building yourself so that you do not have time to focus on others. Set your goals like this.

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