How to Out-Stand From The Crowd

It’s easy in today’s times where most people are unwilling to be uncomfortable

Muhammad Fazal


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Much of it involves courage.

Trying new things comes with its vulnerabilities. To out-stand from the crowd, you may need to face a lot of criticism, but in the end, you will know that it was worth it.

I know you require a lot of things like patience, endurance, and so on, but most of all, you need the courage to out-stand from the crowd.

To try and taste things that are unknown to people involves a lot of risk of losing your trust, customers, and money.

But don’t be disheartened. Most people are afraid of putting things at stake. They won’t even think of outstanding from the crowd, which makes your efforts much more accessible because most of them will never try it.

They are fearful, and it means your way is clear. You might have to add a little value to things already built by other people, or you have to make a few tweaks to it.

It May Require Discomfort but Not That Much

The rewards you get by producing something that has never been done before are worth enduring the pain of discomfort.

When you see that the people are running toward you because you have got this whole thing that they can’t find anywhere else, you will crave more discomfort to enjoy the pleasure of having something that others will never find anywhere else.

There is nothing more satisfying in the world than outstanding yourself from the rest of your competitors and colleagues.

Additionally, you won’t endure much because most people are unwilling to make themselves uncomfortable.

Most won’t join you up there where you will have reached through your endurance of discomfort to out-stand from the crowd.

Do Things Others Are Unwilling To Do

Let’s see things and don’t cover them up with some decorative coating.

The reality is: Great things are tough, and people want ease.



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