How to Stop Lying With Yourself to Bring a Radical Change in Your Life

Truthfulness with yourself is the only way to success

Muhammad Fazal


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You can convince the entire world and give every person a reason why you couldn’t be successful.

But you can’t lie with yourself.

Strangely enough, despite knowing that our brains know everything about what we are deep inside, we still try to fool our brains by making reasons and excuses for the circumstances and why we didn’t achieve that particular goal.

In the meantime, you could convince your brain, but in the long run, you begin to realize that you were fooling not the world but yourself by giving excuses and convincing people of why you didn’t achieve that particular goal.

Life runs with a simple rule which is, “You are responsible for everything no matter what.”

Life doesn’t care where you were born, who your parents were, whether you became a victim of an accident, or what challenging circumstances you faced. All it cares about is whether you are taking responsibility for your life no matter what difficult situations you have faced or not.

And if you become responsible, then life works for you. It will serve you what you want when it sees the spark of accountability for every situation in you.

How Taking Responsibility Will Help You Avoid Lies

The one who is unwilling to take responsibility will lie and blame the world for not living the kind of life he wants to live.

Only the person who stands himself responsible will take ownership of his life and make changes. They know that blaming and lying will do nothing but waste their precious time; instead, they take responsibility in their lives because they know that is the only way that can create the kind of success they want.

Deep down, we know that there is only one way to create the success we want, and that is the way forward, not backward. You can’t climb high with the baggage of blames in your head. You have to drop that baggage of blames and commit to taking full responsibility for your life, and that is how you will stop telling lies with yourself and the people about…



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