How to Tackle the Top Enemy of Productivity

Give your phone to your mother and tell her to give you when your work is done

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readJun 14, 2022


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I’m writing the third article of the day, and it’s been hardly 2 hours.

Previously the switch back and forth between my laptop screen and my phone screen made it challenging for me to reach this goal of writing.

My goal: write 3 articles per day.

You can’t believe how much you can get done in a day if you just put your phone away for the first 5 hours from the time you wake up.

The 5-Hour-Away Rule

As you wake up, don’t check your phone. But wait, how often have you heard such vague advice?

They somehow don’t seem to work. Right? They didn’t work for me too.

How can you not pick up your phone when it’s the first thing you see beside your bed? Or it’s the thing with whom you sleep? You know what? It’s not the problem.

You are free to check your phone. Use your phone while sleeping. It’s your choice. But once you are done checking your phone and all kinds of notifications with it.

Hand over your phone to your locker or someone in the house. Tell them that even if I cry while crawling on the floor like a baby, don’t give me this phone for the next 5 hours.

Today’s Top Most Common Secret to Productivity

The secret to success is to get rid of your phone.

You know what? Everybody wants to get rid of their phone and focus on work, make money, work hard, feel great about themselves, and so on.

But they don’t know or have such ideas and techniques to make this idea come true.

You have it after reading this article. Now you do not give any excuses.

Just announce to your house that I will not use my phone as soon as I wake up for the first 5 hours a day.

So raise your hand, my family members; who will keep my phone in their locker?

The Penalty System Is 100% Workable



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