I Misunderstood the Concept of Happiness; You Might Be Making the Same Mistake

Like everything, happiness is a habit that comes with practice

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMay 26, 2022


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As long as we are alive, life will keep throwing reasons to us not to be happy.

I mean, look around yourself; there are a lot of reasons to be sad, cry, and complain.

Your looks might be average; you do not have money, some stranger gave you hurtful comments on social media, you hate your 9 to 5 job, etc.

Every achievement comes with a new reason to be sad about yourself.

So is there any hope for us to be ever happy again? Yes. There is. Let us put some light on it.

Different Definitions of Happiness

Human beings are emotional beings. They have the power to hold their definitions of life.

They have the power to define their definition of happiness, which is all that explains where our happiness comes from.

Some people’s definition of happiness is earning money, so they spend their entire lives chasing after money.

Some people think that happiness means devoting their entire life to their family.

Some people depend on the weather — they are happy only in the winters, but summers make them miserable.

But before defining your happiness, do you think that the definition you hold is eternal? Is it ever-present?

Doesn’t it happen that the rich get poor due to certain disasters and business failures?

Doesn’t it happen that even the beloved ones become the staunchest enemies?

If you depend your happiness on a particular weather, most of life will remain unhappy.

So what is the way? What should be the definition of happiness? Where should we put our happiness on?

Only This Will Make You Ever Happy

Rich can get poor. Weather change. Possessions do get older and eventually the pile of debris.

Life change. Love change. People change. You change. Everything changes but one thing, and that is consciousness.



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